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June: National Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Month

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Summer is here, and the produce department has never looked more colorful. In celebration of National Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Month, we’re compiling a list of the most nutritious leafy, sweet, and fleshy fruits and vegetables out there. Forget boring.…


Coconut Oil: Culinary, Health & Beauty Superpower

Coconut Oil: Culinary, Health & Beauty Superpower
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During my last trip to Puerto Rico, I became familiar with the use of coconut as a key ingredient in Latin cooking. Not only were the locals drinking…


10 Health Benefits of Garlic: Culinary and Nutritional Powerhouse

May 13, 2014 - 3:37 pm in Alternative Medicine, Healthy Tips, Organic Foods
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There really is nothing like garlic. Whether you sauté it with some onions or mince it, it is one of Mother Nature’s most versatile ingredients. Latin…

Sriracha Sauce

Rethink Hot Sauce with Sriracha: The Hot (and Healthy) Choice

Rethink Hot Sauce with Sriracha: The Hot (and Healthy) Choice
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My brother introduced me to Sriracha Sauce. He’s a personal trainer and in an effort to cut salt from his diet and try a new hot sauce, he became obsessed with this thick, flawlessly textured chili paste. Now, this hot sauce isn’t what you’re used to…

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Homemade Sazón: Organic, Flavorful, Ridiculously Healthy

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Where would Latin cooking be without sazón?  It seasons our food and adds that bite to most classic latin dishes including classics such as Arroz con Pollo and Sofrito.  While many of us are accustomed to GOYA, or store bought, pre-packaged versions…