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The Whale’s Tale, East Northport, NY


I visited one of my brother’s favorite summer spots this weekend and was reminded of the value of a killer taco. The Whale’s Tale is located on the north shore of Long Island, nestled in the quaint town of Northport and is known for their seafood selection, tacos and breathtaking views of the water.

My weekend getaway got me thinking of tacos – how to make them, premier combinations of ingredients and the influence the world of Latin American cooking has had on the restaurant industry in this country. I love that I don’t have to visit a Mexican restaurant to get a taco, let alone a Latin American restaurant in general. The influence of the taco has spread into the American world of cuisine – and we’re digging it. Seriously.Shrimp Tacos

The Whale’s Tale of Northport sure knows how to make a taco. No, seriously. I’m not talking generic taco shells stuffed with bland sliced chicken and some cheese. I’m talking grilled shrimp tossed in their signature “bang, bang” sauce dressed in a delicate mix of diced tomatoes, shredded lettuce – finished perfectly with a generous drizzling of their avocado ranch sauce. This restaurant knows how to do tacos. And they prove this through the variety they showcase on their impressive menu.

If you’re looking to create your own killer tacos, select a bunch of versatile ingredients and don’t be afraid to experiment. Choose a meat or fish: steak, chicken, mahi mahi, tilapia – whatever gets you going. Add a cheese – preferably something fun and exciting like a sharp cheddar jack or a spicy jalapeno. Forget boring toppings. How about adding some crispy fried onions or fresh mango salsa. If you’re looking to get a little crazy, add some pickled jalapeños, sweet corn salsa or chili roasted sour cream sauce. Yum.Asian Taco

When I visited The Whale’s Tale  I tried their Asian-inspired ginger, sriracha, cabbage “taco concoction” – what a distinctive combination of flavor. Tender steak bits, crunchy slices of cabbage, spicy, textured sriracha all wrapped in a warm, soft tortilla. So good. This taco creation is a great example of how we should break through our culinary borders and experiment with exotic ingredients and daring combinations.

As summer is approaching, we have access to a boatload of fresh, local ingredients. Whether you’re a fish lover or vegetarian – there is something for everyone in the world of folded, tortilla paradise. So head to your local grocer and start experimenting with some eccentric taco combinations. Share with friends and family and enjoy one of the Mexican community’s favorite dishes.

The Whale’s Tail

81 Fort Salonga Rd, East Northport, NY 11768

(631) 651-8844

The Whale’s Tale, East Northport, NY
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The Whale’s Tale, East Northport, NY
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