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Monday Meditation: 3 Things To Do Today To De-Stress


We all go through stressful times that make us believe we’ll never see the light at the end of the tunnel. Yet the only truth to this is that stress is a part of our life’s journey. But how we deal with that stress is entirely up to us. It’s our choice to embrace it and wrap it up in our arms like a warm lover; or let it go like we would a scorching-hot pot.  Yet so many times we choose to do the former, allowing it to manifest itself  as vices and illnesses when we really need—and can actually do—the latter with the same ease as dropping a hot pot. All we need are some very specific tools to help change our perspective  on dealing with life’s daily dose of stress. Here, 3 easy-to-do approaches that help you to take charge, regroup, and de-stress today and every day.

#1.   Declare a No-Stress Zone Today

Stress, like smoking, can increase estrogen levels and cause other physiological shifts that can hurt your heart. And since economic and familial woes are real and defining, we don’t believe that you can just ignore them to avoid stress. But there are positive and heart-healthy ways to respond to those things that stress us the most, and reduce the impact burdens have on our psyche.  Believe it or not it starts with a smile. Tonight, download and check out this film, Happy, about people all over the world, from Brazil to India to America, who have faced unspeakable life-stressors, and still remain, well, happy.

# 2. Dance Away Your Troubles Today

Exercise is and will always be the magic potion.  Briskly walking, jogging, dancing—all these have the benefit of not only helping reduce weight, but also increasing serotonin levels, giving you a natural high.  Life’s problems may be the same, but your approach to meeting and solving those problems is what makes the difference.  Start slowly if you need to.  This evening, walk around the block after dinner with a loved one or friend.  Or at lunch, take a brisk walk with a friend who never stresses you out.  Or dance in your house three times today for 10 to 15 minutes each time. Dance while the arroz con pollo is simmering.  Dance while doing household chores. Dance while you’re alone and taking 10 minutes to yourself! Do this everyday, and in two weeks you’ll feel a difference.  In four, you will be different.

#3. Eat to Live (and Cheaply!) Today

As they say, anything that isn’t in your abuelita’s kitchen, doesn’t belong inside your body.  All the refined food products, loaded with salts and sugars, are, literally killing us.  Period.  They are the direct road to estrogen-high troubles including obesity and diabetes.  But all over there are green markets, community gardens and stores cropping up—from Detroit to New York, from Houston to L.A.—that sell unprocessed foods at real-people prices.  Check out this site and map right now to find affordable and healthy food near you right now. You don’t have to be rich to be healthy. You just need to be more like your abuelita!

Provided by our friends at VidaVibrante

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