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Mint: The Sweet, Organic Way To Improve Your Health


When we think of mint, we’re immediately reminded of sweet, Cuban cocktails and flavored ice cream, complete with bits of dark chocolate.  We’re often unaware of the plethora of health benefits that are available within these fragrant, green leaves. Everything from palate cleanser to digestive aid to cough killer – this herb holds the potential to fight the flu, shake that lingering cough and even relieve your seasonal asthma.

Mint Tea

Feeling under the weather?  Forget the cold medicine.  According to Organic Facts, mint has been known to clear up congestion in the nose, throat and lungs.  Beyond short-term relief, it has been used as an organic, long-term remedy for nausea, as a natural stimulant to relieve fatigue and depression and even as a solution to improve memory retention.

Not convinced yet?  What if we told you that mint is often used to relieve symptoms of acne, aid in weight loss and even promote effective digestion. Whether you’re searching for an all-natural cold remedy or an organic solution to clear your skin – mint is the answer.

Maybe you’re looking for a way to get rid of that 3 p.m. caffeine lull?  If you’re feeling sluggish or depressed, it’s been noted that the mere smell of mint leaves can act as a natural stimulant and provide that extra oomph into your workday.  If you’re not the fragrance-friendly type, add some mint leaves to ice water with sliced lemon – instant pick-me-up. Either way, we recommend you trade in that energy drink or extra cup of coffee and integrate this holistic herb into your lifestyle.

Water with Mint

Unsure of how to use mint in your daily routine?  There are actually many easy ways to incorporate this nutritional powerhouse into your lifestyle- whether you add a few drops of mint essential oil onto your pillow each night or sprinkle some fresh mint leaves onto your favorite pasta dish for that extra bite.

So whether you’re looking to lose those few extra pounds or clear up congestion, we’re positive you won’t feel guilty about that mojito during your next happy hour excursion.

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