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Keep it light with the Misto Olive Oil Sprayer

MIsto Oil Sprayer

There are many ways we can make our meals healthier and sometimes just a little tweak here and there can make a big difference. One of the ways we can make an adjustment is in the oil we use for cooking and flavoring our foods. For the most part we do have to use oil for frying, sautéing or even if we bake. One of the best tools to have in the kitchen is an oil sprayer.

With an oil sprayer, you can opt out of using those store bought cooking sprays that contain chemicals, propellants, and are not good for the environment due to the aerosol. Using an oil sprayer you control not only what type of oil you use but also the amount.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is good but if you could spray a mist of it instead of pouring it, it’s even better. This particular sprayer I found is called the MIsto and not only can you use your favorite healthy oil but you can also mix in some balsamic vinegar so that you can lightly spray as a dressing on your salad.

How to use:

  • Fill it only halfway
  • Pump the top so it creates some pressure inside
  • Spray

Your oils will last longer because the sprayer uses less. Less oil means fewer calories for you. Use it to spray on cooking pans for baking, sautéing or directly on your food for roasting or grilling.

For a healthier, natural, light and low calorie alternative to chemical filled cooking sprays, invest in an oil sprayer. The environment will thank you!

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