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Homemade Sazón: Organic, Flavorful, Ridiculously Healthy

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Where would Latin cooking be without sazón?  It seasons our food and adds that bite to most classic latin dishes including classics such as Arroz con Pollo and Sofrito.  While many of us are accustomed to GOYA, or store bought, pre-packaged versions of this culinary necessity – we are unaware of the health risks and high-sodium combo that pre-packaged sazon often contains.

No one wants high blood pressure.  On the same token, no one wants to sacrifice their favorite ingredients.  So why not use food to fight blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease – all while adequately seasoning our favorite dishes?   Homemade sazón may be the answer: a simple, organic combination of some classic spices – free of MSG and boatloads of salt.   Simple, all natural, easy to make.

Ingredients & Method

  • Ground Coriander
  • Cumin
  • Paprika
  • Garlic Powder
  • Kosher Salt

Combine 1 tablespoon of each spice, mix well and store in an airtight container, and you’re good to go.

Not only did you cut MSG and processed ingredients from your diet, but you managed to incorporate a premier assortment of organic herbs that are known to fight cancer, degenerative diseases and even diabetes.  Not convinced? Coriander, a main component of our homemade sazón, has been used to treat cholesterol, anemia, poor digestion and skin inflammation.  According to WebMD, cumin has been used as medicine for decades as a digestion aid, and even as an aphrodisiac.  Finally, paprika has been used to treat arthritis and has been linked to lowering the risk of certain kinds of cancer, according to Fitness Magazine.  With a mere 3 calories and 300 mg of salt, you’re guaranteed to make some positive changes in your culinary planning while flavoring your food the way your family and friends enjoy.

Next time you’re planning on making your Arroz con Pollo or Homemade Sofrito, spend a few extra minutes making the sazon from scratch – cutting calories, processed ingredients and making the conscious decision to strive for a healthier lifestyle.   And hey, it tastes just as good.  We’re not asking you to sacrifice flavor, just to try something different.  We promise, you won’t regret it.

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