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Health Benefits of Cilantro: Flavorful Herb, Antioxidant Powerhouse

Cilantro Bunch

Latin cooking wouldn’t be complete without cilantro.  This fragrant, antioxidant-rich herb is often used to spice up salsas and provide that rich, decadent taste to our homemade chimmichuri sauce.  Combining hints of citrus with a refreshing bite – this herb is more than a garnish.  In fact, cilantro is actually a nutritional powerhouse.

According to Global Healing Center, cilantro is a powerful natural cleansing agent and may prevent cardiovascular damage.  In addition to these impressive health benefits, naturopaths and health gurus have used cilantro to prevent the effects of anxiety and improve sleep quality.  Diabetics are also encouraged to use this herb in their diet to lower blood-sugar or simply as a preventative solution.  In fact, The School of Life Science has noted that cilantro “if used in cuisine, would be a remedy for diabetes.”

There are many simple ways to add cilantro into your diet to add a boost of flavor, fragrance or garnish to your favorite Latin dishes.  Next time you’re grilling up a steak, combine cilantro with olive oil, fresh garlic and spices to create a delicious chimichurri sauce.  If you’re skipping meat, cilantro is an ideal herb to brighten fish dishes and add that quick citrusy kick.  If you’re following a strict raw-food regimen or are a vegan to the core, add some cilantro to fresh diced tomatoes.  Season with fresh garlic, spices and refrigerate for a tasty homemade salsa.  The options are endless, as are the health benefits.  Next time you’re looking to spice up that flounder fillet or attempt that homemade salsa for Football Sunday – sprinkle some cilantro into the mix for a surprisingly flavorful punch.

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