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Easy Ways To Maintain Your Figure This Holiday Season


If you’re looking for easy ways to cut calories during the holidays, you’re in luck. No need to sacrifice the desserts or cocktails – we’ve even made room for appetizers and rich, creamy side dishes. You can enjoy your Coquito without the guilt, and even save room for some ooey, gooey dessert choices such as Arroz con Leche or sweet, moist cookies.

The key to maintaining your figure this holiday season lies within your ability to substitute ingredients. We’re not talking about trading chocolate or removing the flavor from your meal- we’re giving you a list of simple, tasty substitutions.

Forget the crudité. You shouldn’t have to spend hours munching on celery sticks, waiting for the meal to be ready. Imagine spiced shrimp and pineapple skewers, followed by Provoleta – glazed with truffle oil and a bit of Parmesan. Maybe you’ve been looking forward to the yucca fries – we suggest you try them baked with a hint of panko and grated Manchego. The best part? All of these delicious, savory appetizers are filling you up, and cutting calories you’d be consuming during dinner. Think of the pre-meal as your opportunity to mingle and fill up on quality ingredients such as protein-packed shrimp, colorful pineapple and antioxidant-rich eggplant.

As for cocktails – skip the eggnog. With more than 200 calories, and a high fat content you’re better off saving those calories for a decadent dessert. This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a glass of red wine, or a flavor-packed martini. Some healthy tips for liquor: think clear. Clear liquor generally contains less calories and sugar – and can act as a great base for some innovative cocktails. Combine vodka with pomegranate or acai juice, and splash of club soda, complimented by a few slices of lime. Club soda is your friend this holiday season – cutting calories and filling you up, without compromising taste.

If you’re a rum drinker, don’t be afraid to make a mojito. Instead of sugar, use some honey and stick to fresh mint and lime slices. Feel free to experiment with flavors, using fresh fruits including strawberries, blueberries or raspberries. Not only does this cut calorie content, but also adds a much-needed burst of antioxidants. Think flavor, but more importantly – vitamin C!

When it comes time for the main course – focus on protein. Whether it’s chicken, turkey, beef or beans – build your plate around the protein. Not only does this fill you up, but guarantees you spend less time eating fattening, nutrition-empty side dishes. This being said, we’re not telling you to skip the sides. Taking one small scoop of each side is a sure way to remain health-conscious and actively trim your plate of empty calories.

Lastly, if you’re full – stop eating! Take a break, enjoy a glass of red wine and more importantly, the company of those around you. After all, the holidays aren’t just about the food… even though, the food often steals the spotlight.

Happy Holidays!

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