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Sriracha Sauce

Rethink Hot Sauce with Sriracha: The Hot (and Healthy) Choice

Rethink Hot Sauce with Sriracha: The Hot (and Healthy) Choice
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My brother introduced me to Sriracha Sauce. He’s a personal trainer and in an effort to cut salt from his diet and try a new hot sauce, he became obsessed with this thick, flawlessly textured chili paste. Now, this hot sauce isn’t what you’re used to…

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Homemade Sazón: Organic, Flavorful, Ridiculously Healthy

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Where would Latin cooking be without sazón?  It seasons our food and adds that bite to most classic latin dishes including classics such as Arroz…


Mint: The Sweet, Organic Way To Improve Your Health

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When we think of mint, we’re immediately reminded of sweet, Cuban cocktails and flavored ice cream, complete with bits of dark chocolate.  We’re…

Cilantro Bunch

Health Benefits of Cilantro: Flavorful Herb, Antioxidant Powerhouse

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Latin cooking wouldn’t be complete without cilantro.  This fragrant, antioxidant-rich herb is often used to spice up salsas and provide that rich, decadent taste to our homemade chimmichuri sauce.  Combining hints of citrus with a refreshing bite…

Vegan Label

Being a Vegetarian in a Meat Loving Culture

November 5, 2013 - 2:16 am in Nutrition
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When sharing with your Latino family members while being served a plate of food that you are a vegan, you might receive the following reaction: “¿Tu eres vegetariana?”  “Okay, since you do not eat meat, I will cook you some arroz con habichuelas y…