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Baked Chicken Wings with Sofrito and Barbecue Sauce

Baked Chicken Wings

This past weekend I had one of those Saturdays that had a to-do list that was bound to keep me running around all day.  But on days like these, what’s for dinner is a bit of a concern because that’s when, if unprepared, we end up falling into the drive-thru trap if we’re caught hungry, tired, and short on time.

That is why before leaving the house, right out of the freezer, I was able to quickly prepare these Chicken Wings and leave them ready in the fridge so that when I got home I just had to place them in the oven.  Not only were they quick to prepare but also the time they spent marinating, infused them with flavor throughout.  They turned out delicious and the combined total of prepping and cooking was about 30 minutes.

I try to use as least ingredients as possible but I choose those that are big on flavor.  The Sofrito tweaks the flavor of the Barbecue sauce and adds an extra kick.  The wings can be just flavored with the Adobo and Sofrito but I like adding the Barbecue sauce because of not only the flavor but also it gives the chicken a nice glaze of color.  Being that they are baked and not fried helps to keep the waistline in check since days will get warmer soon!  And when that happens, we can actually throw these on the grill instead.

Ingredients & Method

  • 1-2 lbs. Chicken Wings – pre-cut in portions (I counted about 19 pieces. Adjust according to how many servings you need)
  • Adobo – Sprinkle to taste. About ½ Tbsp.
  • 1 Tbsp. Sofrito
  • 1 Tbsp. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Barbecue Sauce (This time we used Jack Daniels Honey Smokehouse but I also like the ones with Brown Sugar)

Pour olive oil on the chicken, then sprinkle the adobo and add sofrito.

Rub to mix well. Arrange into a single layer in pan. Brush with Barbecue sauce.

You can leave prepared in refrigerator until ready to cook or pop right in the oven at a baking temperature of 400 degrees for 13 minutes.

Turn them over so that they can brown on the other side.  Brush with some Barbecue sauce on that top side and set timer for another 13 minutes.  I like to set the oven to Roast instead of bake for the last few minutes just to get them golden all around.

When done, take out of the oven and place on paper towel in plate to absorb any extra grease.  Serve with vegetables.

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