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Add some flavor with Tamari Sauce!

Tamari Sauce

Are you looking to add a new sauce to your pantry for those days you just want something different? I want to share and recommend a sauce that is tasty and better to use than soy sauce or Teriyaki sauce.

My husband knows how I like to try new ingredients, which I usually combine with the Sofrito for all different kinds of flavor. He usually finds me new sauces and ingredients to experiment with. I like a variety of flavors and it’s exciting to stimulate the taste buds. I now have one sauce that I make sure I keep in my pantry at all times. I’m a fan of the Japanese steak house and I like recreating those dishes at home occasionally. This sauce is Tamari. I have to describe it as a cross between soy sauce and Teriyaki sauce. It is not as salty as soy sauce and it has a little sweetness like Teriyaki. I used to use soy sauce to marinate beef but since I discovered Tamari, I don’t even bother with soy.

They are both derived from soybeans, however, unlike regular soy sauce, Tamari is made mostly from soybeans whereas soy sauce is made from soybeans and wheat. Another advantage of Tamari sauce is that most are gluten-free which is a plus for those with gluten intolerance. It also has less sugar than Teriyaki.

I like to pour some on beef but Tamari goes beyond that. Add it to pork, chicken or fish as a marinade, or stir-fry rice with vegetables for an Asian dish.

It can be found at your local International food market. Try Tamari for your next marinade or stir fry without the worry of the extra sodium, sugar, or gluten. It just might become one of your favorites too.

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