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8 Health Benefits Of Pumpkin You Never Knew


This time of year the entire nation goes loco for pumpkins. The patches are filled, el niños are excited and we join in the fun by carving up those pumpkins up as much as possible (even if it isn’t a part of our traditions). But did you know how many health benefits this large, round orange fruit packs? Just one ounce can provide more than 276% of the daily recommended dose of vitamin A. And let’s not talk about how rich it is with antioxidants and proteins (brain food) without the saturated fat?! All this makes us wonder exactly why we haven’t been embracing this fruit more in our diets. Below are 8 health benefits you’ll get with every bite of pumpkin you eat.

1. Highest doses of vitamin A, which helps with eyesight and helps prevent oral cavity cancers.

2. Filled with vitamin E, which some report can help in treating diabetes, a disease that affects more than 1.8% of Mexican Americans.

3. Has Zea-xanthin, a natural anti-oxidant which has UV (ultra-violet) rays filtering actions in the macula lutea in retina of the eyes. This helps protect you from ”age-related macular disease” (ARMD).

4. Excellent source of B-vitamin complex. Vitamins like folates, niacin, vitamin B-6 (pyridoxine), thiamin and pantothenic acid, all help with optimum health. Specifically Alzheimer’s disease; boosting mood, energy, concentration and the immune system; and slowing aging.

5. Provides a daily dose of minerals like copper, calcium and potassium. Copper helps you to keep and store iron, calcium protects your bones, potassium regulates calcium and helps to treat high blood pressure.

6. Filled with fiber. Pumpkin seeds are an excellent source of dietary fiber and mono-unsaturated fatty acids, which are good for heart health.

7. Gives all the protein you’ll need—without the cholesterol. 100 g of pumpkin seeds provide 30 g of protein, 110% RDA of iron, 4987 mg of niacin (31% RDA), selenium (17% of RDA), zinc (71%) etc., but no cholesterol!

8. Boosts your vitamin C levels, which helps fight off infections including gum disease, acne and other skin infections.

Courtesy of our friends at VidaVibrante

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