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10 Health Benefits of Garlic: Culinary and Nutritional Powerhouse


There really is nothing like garlic. Whether you sauté it with some onions or mince it, it is one of Mother Nature’s most versatile ingredients. Latin cooking utilizes garlic for some of its most popular dishes, including most shrimp dishes and signature meats. Savory stews, spicy fish tacos, slow-cooked carnitas – none of these dishes would be remotely delicious without that dose of fragrant, tantalizing garlic.

So, we know garlic is delicious. We also know that it can instantly flavor almost any dish. But did you know that it holds a surplus of impressive health benefits? We’re talking big health benefits. Beyond being a prime source of selenium and improving your iron metabolism, garlic is one of nature’s most remarkable cardio protective agents. Great for reducing high blood pressure, cholesterol and heart disease – garlic is truly a superpower.

Looking to lose a few extra pounds? Look no further. Research suggests that garlic consumption may kill fat cells – that’s right, we said it – kill fat cells. In addition to trimming your waist line, garlic has been used as a serious medicinal agent as it acts as an antibacterial, antiviral, a source to treat skin infections such as athlete’s foot and even acts as a blood thinner – reducing formulation of blood clots in the body. Sweet!

Next time you’re cooking up some tacos or even a basic dish of frijoles, chop or mince some fresh garlic and throw it into your recipe. Remember, fresh is always better than powdered – so aim to purchase fresh garlic when at the grocery store. And whether you’re adding garlic into your diet for its cardiovascular benefits or simply because it’s delicious – remember that the “stinking rose” will add a seamlessly delightful aroma and taste to your favorite Latin dishes.

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