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10 Empanada Fillings You Won’t Be Able To Live Without


I will never forget the first time I tried an empanada. I was working for a newspaper at the time, and was on a dining review in Jackson Heights, Queens. I wasn’t really a food connoisseur at the time, but was commonly curious about Colombian cuisine and this pastry-like meat stuffed concoction known as an empanada. Years later, I look back on this experience and can’t believe I only ordered the chicken stuffed pastry. This weekend I decided to experiment with empanadas, and replicate a few recipes I found online. 10 recipes, numerous ingredients, one delicious outcome: the empanada is here to stay.

cos-Caramel-Apple-Empanadas-deWe all know and love the classic empanada flavors, whether it’s shredded chicken or beef… but how about we switch things up a bit and create empanadas made with guava and cheese. Or how about shredded pork and pickled onions. Maybe you’re willing to be adventurous and go with succulent peaches, topped with a dollop of goat cheese. Endless options combined with fresh, healthy ingredients all within a Latin culinary staple. Sweet.

After a day (and night) spent making empanadas, I have compiled a list of favorites. I found an article in one of my older magazines suggesting potato and chorizo filling. The texture of the potato combined with the bite of the chorizo – definitely a keeper. The spinach and cheese filling was ridiculously decadent, and was a winner amongst my younger sister and her friends. The time consuming fillings (that ended up being totally worth it) were the shrimp and lime & the caramel apple. Two completely different flavor vibes, both equally delicious.

guavaNow I’m not saying throw your ground beef and shredded chicken to the side. If you’re able to properly spice your ground beef, or slow cook your chicken, keep those filling flavors on the menu. But if you’re looking to surprise your guests with something rather unusual, why not create some cajeta empanadas for dessert. Goat’s milk caramel… I cannot even explain in words the flavor encapsulated within this flaky, doughy pastry. Unreal.

Next time you’re whipping up a batch of empanadas, put the ground meat back in the ‘fridge and try one of our pastry-filled inventions. Whether you’re a fan of the guava and cheese or potato and chorizo – we guarantee you won’t regret it. Seriously, you may never look at an empanada the same way again.

Special Thanks to for the empanada inspiration. See their full article here:

10 Empanada Fillings You Won’t Be Able To Live Without
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10 Empanada Fillings You Won’t Be Able To Live Without
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